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What Is A Host And Why Is It Important?

Well, since you asked… When your website service provider starts talking about hosting, domain names, and possibly (probably) WordPress, your eyes may start to glaze over. What does it all mean? Is it important? Why are they speaking in a foreign language? And most importantly, you may be asking yourself whether you really need to […]

3 Smart Ways To Respond To A Negative Review

So, you got a negative review… No matter how good your product, no matter how good your service, no matter how good your customer service, the only way to avoid the eventual negative review is to not have a business at all. A customer can become dissatisfied enough to leave a review for several reasons: […]

The Importance of Well-Written Content

A new or redesigned website doesn’t just need to be attractive, usable, practical, and responsive—it needs to provide clear, straightforward information about the businesses’ services, information about the business itself, and convey a sense of authority so users feel they can rely on the business for information about their product or industry. The Basic Copy […]