Have you been wondering how to increase the number of visitors to your website? Remember, the more visits you have, the more business you’re likely to get. Those visits aren’t just the result of pure luck. They’re the result of strategy.

Search engine optimization (SEO) enables your site to be more easily found by search engines when people search queries related to the content on your website. It’s important to optimize your SEO to improve your website’s ranking in those search results. Optimizing SEO is a paid service provided by CloudZen Designs, but there are also steps you can take that don’t cost anything. Continue reading for easy tips you can implement today.

Note: Google owns about 65% of all search traffic on the web. As a result, most SEO tips are geared toward pleasing their algorithms.


Regular blogging (anywhere from once a month to several times a week) does several things. First, it shows Google that you’re updating your site regularly instead of just letting it sit there. Regular updates indicate that you’re making an effort to keep your content fresh and relevant. Second, by updating your site with quality content, Google ranks your site higher. In other words, if you update your site with mediocre content, the fact that you’re doing so regularly doesn’t matter. Third, consider length. While shorter posts (around 300-500 words) used to be typical, Google now prefers longer posts of 1,000 words–or even longer if the content warrants it.

Of course, the reason Google prefers that length is because readers now prefer it–or at least, are open to it. Readers want answers to questions and new perspective on issues that matter to them, and they’re willing to read as long as it takes to cover the information.

But be warned: just because readers are open to longer content doesn’t mean you should pad your content with excess words, either.

If you’re not comfortable writing strong content yourself, or if you simply don’t have time, one of our partners can help. Moss River Media, LLC provides expert blogging, among other services, to help you with your content strategy.


The more reviews you receive, the higher you’ll be ranked in search results. If you have no reviews and another business has thirty, who do you think a user will call first? As a result, Google ranks businesses with reviews higher. Not all of those reviews have to be five-star, either. A fair mix of three- to five-star reviews will suffice.

As for how to begin acquiring those reviews, it’s simple. All it takes is a call-out on social media or a direct verbal request to your customers and you will begin to see them roll in. While it’s unethical to use incentives for positive reviews, incentivizing any honest review with, say, 10% off is fair practice.

Speaking of reviews, are you managing the reviews that come in to your business? Though every business will likely receive a negative review at some point, the worst thing that business can do is ignore those negative reviews.

Claim Your Google “My Business” Page

When you search for a type of business, like “car washes,” the local business results appear at the top of the website results. Those businesses are listed with Google, and they generally receive more clicks than businesses exclusively found in the website results. In some cases, your business will already be listed with Google, but if not, you can also request to be added to Google’s listings. Once you’re listed, you’ll claim the business as the owner, allowing you to take ownership, change hours, and post updates to the listing.

Aside from the huge benefit you’ll receive from appearing in business search results, this will also allow your business to appear in Google Maps results, an important feature that helps people find you easier.

Social Sharing

Your social media accounts are, in most cases, connected to your website. As a result, when you regularly post updates your social media accounts, search engines consider that as activity relating to your website–again, positively impacting your search engine ranking. Share updates from your blog, changes in hours, promotions, and anything else your customers might be interested in.

How We Can Help

The steps listed above can absolutely be completed by a business owner with some time on their hands. Aside from some writing skills and a basic knowledge of content strategy, they don’t require any special technical skills. However, time is often more difficult to find than we’d like it to be. That’s where CloudZen Designs comes in. We or one of our partners provide every service listed here. Aside from these four action steps, we also offer paid a paid SEO service for budgets of all sizes.

Contact us to get started today!

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